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as the ass▓istant to the Village Chief, and the V

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t flashed across my mind: I am done, as I have come across a rude man." As things turned out, the greater his worries, the more likely they were to beco▓me a

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reality. The Village Chief scolded Wang mercilessly for every mishap he made, talking obscenities without caring about his feelings. Sometimes Wang felt so wrong

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ed that tears were welling▓ up in his eyes. "I did want to quit."After some time, however, Wang began to reali▓ze that his superior harbored a sof

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illage▓ Chief was his direct


superior. "He had a tall

, thin figur

t core under a hard shell, defending his deputy in front of impatient villagers and even praising him highly in front of municipal officials who came to the village to inspect on college gradu▓ate village officials. "Wang He did help us a lot. The boy is very

e, big eyes and bush

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capable and gave us a lot of assistance in the village," said the Village Chief, adding that being strict w▓ith Wang did not mean that he did not appreciate him.Las Papas art installatio▓n by Ginou Choueiri consists of hundreds of p▓otato portraits that grow, li

and a mustache; he